Sold--- 1968 Chevy Van --- Sold

I only keep this page alive for my nostalgic moments!!!

I have owned this van for about 20 years and have rebuilt and customized most of it about 12 years ago. I have only put 25 to 20K miles on it since the rebuild.   Lots of dollars are sunk into this project.  Roughly $12,000.  But now I have run out of garage space and I have a new project.  (a 240Z auto-cross project).  It has taken me 2 years to decide to sell it.   Well, here goes....

Here is a list of the main features I can think of:

New battery(1999)
Custom dash, console, motor box cover.
Full headliner & carpet.
Paneled throughout.
Custom front seats & door panels.
2 captain seats in rear.
250 6-cyl, balanced & blueprinted.
Special head work.
Triple 1 Barrel carburetors.
Offenhauser manifold.
Custom air filter.
Dual exhaust.
Turbo 400 transmission.
Transmission cooler.
Heavy duty 4-row radiator.
Electric fuel pump.
Appliance striker wheels, 14x8 & 14x10.
Air horn.
New fuse box.
Custom bumpers.
Quartz halogen fog lights.
Entire underbody professionally spray-foamed for heat, cold & noise.
Many stock parts rebuilt or replaced.
Polyurethane sway-bar bushings.
KYB gas shocks.
Delay wipers.
Lap seat belts replaced with shoulder belts.
Sun Tachometer.
Tinted front windshield.
Rear Curtains.

Extra parts include:
HEI ignition and distributor (just haven't installed yet)
Tilt/telescoping steering column for replacement of stock column
Switch pitch torque converter
Spare radiator, etc.

Located in Salem, Oregon.  

Phone (503) 364-9114

E-mail at:

I made a video tape that shows almost every detail and lets you hear it run.  
I will send you one with return postage, I just ask for a $7.00 deposit.  I will send back the deposit when I get the video back.
 (I have sent out 3 tapes with return postage and no one ever sends them back!)

V-drv_sd.jpg (75013 bytes)
Above-and below-Good shot of front custom bumper.  All front glass is tinted.  Windshield has the darkened strip across the top.  All sidemarker and front and rear lenses are in excellent condition.  All door hinges were re-bushed around 15K miles ago.  Most all rubber gaskets and weatherstripping and window felts and door gaskets and a bunch of other stuff were replaced at the same time.  Also all the exterior paint was stripped, all the rust was removed and repainted.  Have lots of pictures of the restoration process.  There is a small ding in the body about 6" above and to the rear of the van emblem behind the drivers door.  

This van turns more heads than most older Camaro's or Nova's.

V-front.jpg (56795 bytes)

The van is a pleasure to drive.  It is very quiet with all the spray-in foam in the walls and around the engine cover.  The foam also keeps the van will insulated from the heat and cold.  It just starts to drive good at 65 mph.  The carbs are set up with the center carb running as the primary and the two end carbs progressively kick in as the secondaries, like a four barrel.  They are real smooth running, hardly ever need synchronizing (I have done once in 7 years and only made a slight adjustment) and the mileage is somewhere around 17 to 20 mpg on the highway.  In town is less because it is fun to occasionally kick in the secondaries.  
V-pas_sd.jpg (50077 bytes)
Striker Wheels look great from a distance.  The center caps need replacing and the chrome needs a good cleaning.  Lug nuts are OK.
V-sde_dr.jpg (43987 bytes)
The side and rear doors are covered in short brown automotive carpet.  The side doors have button tufted panels where windows would have gone if the van had come with windows.  The rear doors have windows.  All doors have switches that control interior lights.  The side doors have electric locks that lock when the front doors are locked.  The interior carpet is a two-tone high-low brown carpet with metal trim at the side and rear doors.  There is a noticeable stain on the carpet in the rear.  The floor is 3/4" plywood screwed to the metal floor.
V-rear.jpg (45387 bytes)
Button tufted seats.  They show small signs of wear but have lots of miles left.  Has a wooden steering wheel, air horn, Tach, vacuum gauge, oil pressure gauge, speedo, fuel gauge, oil pressure light.  You can just see the lap and shoulder belt buckle near the top of the seat.  
Nice console covers engine compartment, notice 
hinged lid storage compartment and 4 cup holders.  
Strong running 6 cylinder 250.  Triple one barrel carbs, custom air filter.  Stainless flex-fan.  Engine rebuilt @ 25K miles ago.  Was bored .030 over.  The head had oversize valves installed and was ported.  Pistons are forged.  Many other things were done to help the six cylinder run good.  The one thing kept stock was the cam.  Add a nice cam and the 6 would scream.  the way it is now, it runs relly good and smooth.  Plenty of passing power.
Above, left, you can see where some of the paint has worn off of the sprayed in foam insulation
 that is all throughout the van.  Very Quiet ride at 65mph.
Above - new fuse block to accommodate all the extra wiring.  
Most circuits are on breakers rather than fuses.
Above - Passenger side battery compartment has been enlarged for tool storage.  Battery is new in 1999.  Oversize custom made battery cables.
Above - a look in the side doors forward.
Above - The rear captains chairs need to be recovered to match the rest of the van.
Ignore all the 240Z parts in the back of the van!!